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BOESL Korea Lottery 2024- Bangladesh Overseas Employment and services limited is published the BOESL Korea Lottery Online Registration for the year of 2024.

The online registration will be start from January, 2024. Candidates will be able to apply online on

How to online registration 2024 BOESL Korea Lottery & Exam Result?

South Korea Lottery Online Registration able able on government official website :

www boesl gov bd

www boesl gov bd and Notice of your online application for the Boesl Korea Lottery via the official website Notice of draw, result etc. will be given on BOESL official website:

BOESL Korea Lottery 2024

A huge number of people is apply for BOESL Kora Lottery. In the year of 2024, They will publish the Korea Lottery Online Registration instruction. Candidates need to apply for the preliminary Application.

From the First Preliminary Application, BOESL will initially selected 6000 candidates. In addition, 4,000 diploma holders and 2,000 waiting candidates were nominated for the Boise Korea Lottery 2024. Candidates are selected for the final registration of EPS BOESL GOV BD REGISTRATION CBT through lottery in the prescribed computerized manner after 2 pm on 5th January.

Candidate can easily online application for the Korea Lottery 2024 on The eps boesl gov bd website just for Korea Lottery online application.

At the end of the Lottery Draw 2024, the Korea Lottery Result 2024 was published on the official website of BOESL through EPS BOESL GOV BD and WWW.BOESL.GOV.BD.

  1. কোরিয়া লটারি 2024
  2. কোরিয়া লটারি 2024
  3. ইপিএস দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া
  4. eps boesl gov bd
  5. registration
  6. দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া নিয়ম লটারি ছাড়া
  7. কোরিয়া যাওয়ার উপায়
  8. দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া লটারি 2024 ফলাফল বিদেশ যাওয়ার লটারি South কোরিয়া যেতে কত টাকা লাগে

According to the Korea Lottery Result 2024, a list of 6,000 lucky people and 7,000 names on the waiting list was announced. The 12,000 winners of the Korea Lottery 2024 will next take part in the EPS Topic Language Test.

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Note: EPS Topic Lottery Registration started on 22nd December and ended on 26th December . On January 5, the names of the lucky ones who were finally elected were announced.


South Korea Lottery Result 2024

About 1 lakh Bangladeshis have applied for the language test lottery from December 22 to 26 through BOESL to go to Korea last year. All applicants apply for BOESL Korea Lottery through this official website-EPS.BOESL.GOV.BD. However, last year a record number of 2 lakh 35 thousand 6 candidates applied.

Following this application, the Korea Lottery Result 2024 will be announced on 5th January through the official website WWW.BOESL.GOV.BD. As soon as the Korea Lottery Result 2024 is announced on Boesel’s website, the results from us are announced to you. So stay tuned to get all the updates of BOESL Notice Board including Korea Result.

The results of the Korea Lottery 2024 will be published on Boesel’s website on January 5. According to the pre-arranged schedule, the results were to be announced on December 26, but due to the subsequent extension of the registration period, Korea Lottery was published on January 5, 2024 Last Year.

Korea Lottery 2024. The job advertisement in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) was published on 5 January on the official website of Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (BOESL) / Today we have discussed in detail the notification of EPS-TOPIK CBT for those who want to go for job in South Korea.

Like every year, Korea has released the notification of EPS topic CBT 2024. This has given some unemployed youths the opportunity to build their careers in Korea. Many of us miss out on great opportunities because we have no idea about the Korea Lottery. Today we will look at where and how to apply and what it takes to apply. Let’s start without delay.

After the completion of the initial registration, if more than 6000 (eight thousand) candidates are registered, then on 19th March, 2024 AD. Candidates will be selected for the final registration of EPS-TOPIK CBT through lottery in the prescribed computerized manner after 12 noon on Tuesday.

Candidates selected in the lottery for the final registration will be announced later. Final registration must be completed by the date of valid valid passport, color copy of passport and 2 copies of passport size color photograph (background white).

However, if the original passport number does not match with the passport number of the person who passed the lottery at the time of final registration, his registration will be canceled.

The date and time of the final registration will be announced on the day of the lottery on the BOESL Website.

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